One card for all your Qualifications

Civil Safety has teamed up with My Training Passport to improve the way that delegates demonstrate their competency & qualifications when applying or working on a job. My Training Passport also helps to track, monitor and manage qualifications much easier.

When you take a training course with Civil Engineering Safety Limited, you’ll be provided with a unique smart card and access to a portal where you will find all of your qualifications and information. Any additional qualifications you undertake with us will automatically be added and can be accessed whilst on the go, removing the need for you to carry all of your important documents with you.

How does it work?

My Training Passport is accepted anywhere. No special equipment is required to access your training records, allowing you to prove competency anywhere and at anytime.

By utilising today’s technology, My Training Passport have made it so that employees no longer need to carry different documentation such as cards or copies of certificates to prove  their competency. All of the data and copies of information is stored in the cloud, which is why you can take and access it anywhere you go.

 Simple & Secure Access

Access to your data is straight forward with your smart card, you can either:

  • Scan the unique QR code on the rear of your card using a smartphone with a QR Reader App.
  • Tap the card on the rear of a NFC enabled smartphone (Windows/Android) or on a dedicated contactless reader.
  • Lost, stolen or damaged cards can be suspended immediately contacting Civil Engineering Safety or My Training Passport.
  • All cards supplied by Civil Engineering Safety are set to Level 1 access by default. To edit your access level please contact My Training Passport.

Adding Training Records to a Smartphone

To use My Training Passport with Wallet applications for smartphones (Wallet apps are standard on iOS devices and Windows phones, for Android we recommend Pass2U).

  • Simply login into your own portal page using the web browser on your smartphone.
  • Select the qualification you wish to store directly on your smartphone by pressing the wallet icon and clicking download.
  • Your qualification will open in your Wallet App on your device and you will be asked if you would like to save, select yes.
  • Your qualification is now stored You can easily share details and copies of your cert from your phone.
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